To Be…or Maybe Not

Have you have played the Victim role in so many life situations and relationships that you have no frame of reference for personal power? And are you so mired in the familiar, in spite of the discomfort or anguish or ‘choose your own’ variety of yuck, that you settle?

Copy of To remain a victim is a choice! It can trap you for a few moments or a lifetime. Why not say, -I choose again-!.png

To jumpstart your personal power, cross your ankles and wrists. Take a deep easy breath with closed eyes and feel your heartbeat for thirty seconds or so. Then ask, “Have I been playing The Victim?” If the immediate answer from subconscious mind is “Yes”, decide if you’re ready for a more positive and joyful life.

*Note to self – This involves some intense personal work, starting with releasing self-judgement and judgement of others.




Experience the Wisdom



Create the life you DO want. May Joy, Peace, and Love be at the top of your list…



It’s Time to Be Real

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Consider the Journey

Einstein quote                     

                    Consider the Journey

    Ancient One:   The Journey is very important!

    Child:                As important as the Destination?

    Ancient One:   Oh I tell you from wisdom – far more.

                               On the Journey,  you create who you are.

   Child:                 But I know who I am!    

  Ancient One:     We can change our minds about where we’re going,               

                               But we can’t un-know what we know.

                                                                                  — Phyllis Barrington



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