Ode to Chemtrails

Ode to Chemtrails —

As earthlings, we are on this planet to experiment- so we do have unlimited choice. Along with choice our bodytravel bag contains several levels of consciousness to help us with our choices. We can use that to expand, or limit, or balance our choices or to re-connect with Home. The spark for trying out ideas (or not) is fueled by those touchy-feely emotions, and we have lots of creativity sprinkled in.

Am I ever getting to the point of the chemtrails? You bet!  There is so much controversy and concern about the source and the effects related. By setting intentions for Higher Vibrational outcomes for the planet with Group Consciousness,  balance returns to Universal Life Force energy. If and when we stop thinking and feeling that we are victims, then we have power for change. Then the chemtrails – and political, economic, social, and religious issues – lose their power to  zap our energy or drive us to madness…hmmm that introduces another topic — drugs and alcohol. Oh, wrong forum!



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