“I AM”

Just as we are electrical-physical beings who have physical, mental, and emotional DNA from conception, we are innately creations of spiritual DNA. With the total DNA possibilities being somewhat of a smorgasbord, we activate and accentuate some traits and qualities (based on our environment and positive or negative opportunities). And we hibernate or diminish others based on life experiences and our responses and choices. After all, isn’t our truth, our joy, and our success in life built in huge part based on our perceptions, which are mutable?

“That was then; This is now” and “I choose again” are powerful affirmations for rebooting our lives. Mind over matter …

“I AM” proclamation has vibrational power to charge your body’s electrical circuitry from Divine power source. We were created with access to all Divine positive qualities (we just forgot to reel them in). The following exercise can be used to claim the qualities that we are lacking or praying for, such as – I AM Love, or I AM Strength, or follow-through, or patience, or Perfect Health, or _________________

Our focused intention plugged into God-source brings and holds that vibration in our being. Try it! Choose the I AM Quality that you need, then say aloud, “I AM ___________ “, as you really Feel and See the quality flow through you from top of head through your toes. Repeat 3 cycles. Notice the vibrational change in you! Use this process daily to change your negative feelings or qualities. It really works! 


To Be…or Maybe Not

Have you have played the Victim role in so many life situations and relationships that you have no frame of reference for personal power? And are you so mired in the familiar, in spite of the discomfort or anguish or ‘choose your own’ variety of yuck, that you settle?

Copy of To remain a victim is a choice! It can trap you for a few moments or a lifetime. Why not say, -I choose again-!.png

To jumpstart your personal power, cross your ankles and wrists. Take a deep easy breath with closed eyes and feel your heartbeat for thirty seconds or so. Then ask, “Have I been playing The Victim?” If the immediate answer from subconscious mind is “Yes”, decide if you’re ready for a more positive and joyful life.

*Note to self – This involves some intense personal work, starting with releasing self-judgement and judgement of others.



This antibiotic will ruin you. 

“If it’s not natural, does the body recognize, then use what it needs and release the rest?” … always a good guiding question

Mountains and Mustard Seeds

4739Hi there, we need to talk. My name is Amy Moser. I have almost written this post at least 20 times and got too overwhelmed and abandoned it. Well here goes…

The antibiotics you took or are taking for your sinus infection, UTI, skin infection, laser eye surgery…ect…may have already damaged you.

Cipro, Levaquin, Avalox, nearly every generic ending in “quin”, “oxacin,””ox,”…are all part of a large family of antibiotics called “Fluoroquinolones.” The FDA finally updated their warning on these antibiotics as of July 2016. They site “multiple system damage that may be irreversible. Permanent you guys. Here is the link for the warning if you are a doubting Thomas: https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/ucm500143.htm. Take a gander real quick if you are reading this with an eyebrow raised. Trust me, I wish I had been given the opportunity to soak up this information before it was too late.

In 2010, I took…

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Just Women Getting By: Leaving A Legacy Of Strength

I’m so happy and proud for you and your latest publication! …waiting to see your name in lights. 🙂


In this collection of six serials, Linda Swain Bethea weaves narratives of women through several centuries. The stories span from 1643 to 1957.

Beginning in England in 1643, a young couple travels to Jamestown, Virginia, to begin a new life in the American frontier. The rest of the stories travel from West Texas to North Louisiana to the Texas Panhandle to East Texas. Disease, death, starvation, and prison are faced with stoicism and common sense, and always, with a sense of humor.

The women in each tale stand tall and possess the wisdom and tenacity to hold families together under the worst conditions. Through it all, they persevere, and Linda Swain Bethea’s storytelling is a testament to the legacy they left.
Conversational and homey, you’ll fall in love with the women of Just Women Getting By – Leaving a Legacy of Strength, which celebrates…

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Experience the Wisdom



Create the life you DO want. May Joy, Peace, and Love be at the top of your list…



Consider the Journey


I struggled with not having opinions and with confidence to speak, from childhood through my young adult years. Then–surprise, surprise–this deficit trailed along through my midlife adult years!

Only when my life fell apart and I had to sort through to make sense of it all, did I turn to writing. The measured searching for perfect meter and phrasing began to crystallize my thoughts and deliver wisdom. I share…


It’s Time to Be Real

It's Time to Be Real.png


Grandma’s Tea Cakes

These are the best…thanks Linda. I’ve been looking for a way to put on another pound or two 😉


My Grandma made these.  Mother made them.  I make them.  My daughter makes them.  We all had our own twist.  They are the best tea cakes I’ve ever had.  It was so good to come in from school and find these coming out of the oven.

Grandma’s Teacakes

1 cup of butter

2 eggs

3 cups sugar

4 cups self-rising flour (for plain add 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1/4 tsp salt per CUP flour)

2 Tsp vanilla

Heat oven to 325 degrees. Cream softened butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla.  Add 3 1/2  cups flour and mix till it is a stiff dough.  Use other 1/2 cup to dust over dough and dust your hands while rolling out.  Roll into 1- 1 1/2 inch balls and place on greased cookie sheets.  Cookies should be no closer than 3/4 inch.  Bake cookies center rack. 7 minutes, then turn pans back…

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Something for Nothing!!!!

My mother’s stories told by my sister Linda, with her remarkable ability to bring them ‘up close and personal’ in a blended style of Garrison Keillor meets Little House on the Prairie. Illustrations are from the collection of Kathleen Swain (our mom).

Click on this image on the right for a link to get this ebook free from Kindle Saturday or Sunday only.  Please share!Book for orderI grew up in a family of competitive storytellers.  A little thing like a stubbed toe gets us started.  “Do you remember the time Grandpa cut his ingrown toenails out then fooled around and set his toe on fire?”  That is not a hypothetical example.  It’s beloved and oft-repeated tale. 

At family dinners, wild tales start as soon as we’ve said Grace and the food is being passed around.  “Remember that fifty-two pound turkey Daddy brought home to fatten for Thanksgiving on year!”

Someone else breaks in, “That old turkey was the meanest thing that ever walked!  We couldn’t even walk out in the yard without him flying over the fence and flogging us.  Mother was looking forward to him teaching those terrible Downs kids a lesson…

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