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Consider the Journey


I struggled with not having opinions and with confidence to speak, from childhood through my young adult years. Then–surprise, surprise–this deficit trailed along through my midlife adult years!

Only when my life fell apart and I had to sort through to make sense of it all, did I turn to writing. The measured searching for perfect meter and phrasing began to crystallize my thoughts and deliver wisdom. I share…


It’s Time to Be Real

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Grandma’s Tea Cakes

These are the best…thanks Linda. I’ve been looking for a way to put on another pound or two 😉



My Grandma made these.  Mother made them.  I make them.  My daughter makes them.  We all had our own twist.  They are the best tea cakes I’ve ever had.  It was so good to come in from school and find these coming out of the oven.

Grandma’s Teacakes

1 cup of butter

2 eggs

3 cups sugar

4 cups self-rising flour (for plain add 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1/4 tsp salt per CUP flour)

2 Tsp vanilla

Heat oven to 325 degrees. Cream softened butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla.  Add 3 1/2  cups flour and mix till it is a stiff dough.  Use other 1/2 cup to dust over dough and dust your hands while rolling out.  Roll into 1- 1 1/2 inch balls and place on greased cookie sheets.  Cookies should be no closer than 3/4 inch.  Bake cookies center rack. 7 minutes, then turn pans back…

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Something for Nothing!!!!

My mother’s stories told by my sister Linda, with her remarkable ability to bring them ‘up close and personal’ in a blended style of Garrison Keillor meets Little House on the Prairie. Illustrations are from the collection of Kathleen Swain (our mom).


Click on this image on the right for a link to get this ebook free from Kindle Saturday or Sunday only.  Please share!Book for orderI grew up in a family of competitive storytellers.  A little thing like a stubbed toe gets us started.  “Do you remember the time Grandpa cut his ingrown toenails out then fooled around and set his toe on fire?”  That is not a hypothetical example.  It’s beloved and oft-repeated tale. 

At family dinners, wild tales start as soon as we’ve said Grace and the food is being passed around.  “Remember that fifty-two pound turkey Daddy brought home to fatten for Thanksgiving on year!”

Someone else breaks in, “That old turkey was the meanest thing that ever walked!  We couldn’t even walk out in the yard without him flying over the fence and flogging us.  Mother was looking forward to him teaching those terrible Downs kids a lesson…

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Fleas Go Home for Christmas, Willie Tharpe

Another great story from the heart of a Real family’s real and unvarnished life! Enjoy…and look for my sister lbeth’s (Linda’s) soon-to-be-published book.


Daddy wasn’t just a magnet for strange characters.  He beat the bushes to flush them out.  If that hadn’t worked, I believe he’d have up tacked up posters.  Mother had no way of anticipating who he might drag in for supper, overnight, or until further notice.  I never did understand why she didn’t murder Daddy.  He must have slept sometime!

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Is Life Fair? No. Grow Up and Deal With It

For my beautiful friend Hanna to help strengthen her path and her resolve.


We have all heard the saying, “Well, life isn’t fair.”  I know I have many times with most of those times coming from my youth. Now; however, I can truly say I understand the saying whereas when I was younger, it was somewhat disregarded with an eyeroll and a deep sigh.  I have also heard many times that we all have to do things we truly do not want to do, and that is just part of growing up.  This is also true.  Did I want to move to Mexico?  Umm…no.  Do I think it is fair?  Not really.  I have come to the realization that life is not fair, and yes, we have to do things that we do not want to do.  I do not intend to write something full of inspirational quotes and reasons why I have been chosen to embark on this “magnificent journey.”  I want…

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My Gift

MyGift canva

I’ve held back my very personal life experience, but now it’s time to share.  Universal Connection is a truth — thanks to Erika Kind for that reminder.

What is the Measure of a Man’s Life

I’m happy to reblog Dom’s post — honest and straightforward perspective on The Important Things.

Black and Write

What is the measure of a man’s life,

I don’t know but for myself.

Money never bought me happiness;

At least none that lasted more than a brief moment.

Cars…I’ve had many,

Exciting when shiny and new,

But their luster is lost over time as is their value.

I do not live in a palace,

It is modest to say the least and more than I need.

Retirement savings are but a dream,

I will likely work until I am called home.

With all this…what is the measure of my life?

It is family, my wife and children,

Their love for me as I love them.

It is the sun that rises overhead

And the life-giving rains that fall,

It is everything that nature provides.

It is living in harmony with the natural world,

Not fighting it or conquering it.

Yes, there is bad mixed with the good,

Pain and…

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